Executive Chef Justin Fairley



The Beginning


Chef Justin always had an affinity for the culinary arts, and its no surprise as it runs in the family! Watching his grandmother and father master the kitchen it wasn't long before Justin became a young chef himself. He found his passion in baking and was trained at one of the most highly respected culinary programs in the nation.

Chef Justin continued his culinary journey in the deserts of Arizona at kitchens like that of the Arizona Grand. Through corporate events, weddings and catering Chef Justin further developed his art and skills.

Later Chef Justin found the intimate setting of the small bakery and fell in love with the customization and freshness he could provide within it.


Tacoma, WA

A New Perspective


Falling in love with the Pacific Northwest (and a local Tacoma man) Chef Justin moved to Tacoma, WA with his husband Michael. Washington has a knack for locally grown food and freshness with unmatched farmers markets and a bevy of responsible food companies, Justin was inspired!


East Valley, AZ

A Place To Call Home


Justin couldnā€™t stay away from the sun however and has taken permanent residency in the East Valley of Metro PHX, AZ, where he felt inspired to create a safe space for all types of people while providing the quality, customization and freshness that only a small business can provide. 

In their spare time Chef Justin and his husband Michael enjoy all things nerd, from gaming to collectables you can often find them in local comic book stores and supporting local businesses.